Clinic Patients: You are about to participate in some assessment tests that will help your therapist understand more about you and your needs. These tests will ask a number of personal questions about you and how you function in different aspects of your life. Some questions may seem unusual or different but please do your best to answer each one. There are no right answers for these tests. Your honesty in taking these tests will provide more accurate results for you and your therapist as you work to address issues in your life that have influenced your choice to seek help at this time.

If you find yourself becoming fatigued or tired while testing, you are free to take a break and come back and resume your testing. If your computer is disconnected from the web site for any reason, you can log back in and it should allow you to pick up wherever you left off in your testing.

As with all of your medical and mental health records, the results from these tests are confidential and protected by law. Your written consent is required for your therapist or the clinic to release your test results to any other party.

Research Participants: Please proceed by clicking the link below and entering the required information and proceed with the tests assigned to your User ID.

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